Friday, 1 February 2013

On pause...

Delft Markt from my handlebars

Life's Jewels on String - Status: Paused.

Lots and lots to do. Moving house is exciting, but also a little overwhelming!

Job hunting/interviewing, buying essential furniture (and building some of it), finding our way around and battling adverse weather and sickness.

Something's gotta give and for now that is blogging. When I can do it justice again I'll be back!

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  1. and when you come back, you can share the furniture you built :))
    hope you're having fun amidst the business... hugs xx

  2. Courage!
    Hope everything goes for the best.

  3. Drop me a line when your status changes :)
    Hugs, Simona

  4. Great photo! I hope you have your life back in order soon. :)

    1. Thanks all! We're slowly sorting things out, I'll be back soon! I miss blogging... Hugs x


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