Tuesday, 3 April 2012

How to: Sew Stuffed Hearts.

How to sew stuffed hearts. 

I've been making rather a lot of stuff and not taking the time to record my progress, let's remedy that with my stuffed heart how to. Below are my notes for this lovely beginner sewing project, it's also the ultimate in upcycling. If you make some I would love to see!

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-Scrap fabric
-Scrap ribbon
-Stuffing (read below for stuffing ideas)
-Needle and thread

Template for heart template!

1. Make a template. Use very thick card and keep it for future heart making needs. This can be done freestyle, or click on the half template picture above to enlarge it, draw around it (yes, right on the screen! Just use a soft tip pen) and cut it out, on a fold (fold is the edge I'm holding down).

Heart template ready for use.

2. Draw around template onto fabric.

Enough pieces for two hearts.

3. Cut out 2 pieces for each finished heart.

Pin ribbon to centre with right side up.

4. Fold ribbon in half and cut to desired length. Pin to the right side of one heart (the side seen when the heart is finished). Do this with the fold tucked in the middle and the ends hanging off the edge in the centre of the heart.

Put another heart on top, wrong side up.

5. Place another heart piece on top, with right sides together (so the wrong side is in view).

Don't sew the orange marked bit.

6. Pin the pieces together as shown above. Place two pins as a reminder not to sew all the way around.

Trim around curvy bits and the point.

7. Sew around (by hand or machine), leaving the marked area open, about 1" is needed.

8.Trim the curvy bits and cut off the point as in picture to help the heart plump out smoothly. Be careful not to cut through stitches. Carefully pull out the pin holding the ribbon.

9. Turn inside out and stuff. I use old sewing scraps or for a softer heart polyfil toy stuffing is good.

10. Hand sew the opening closed. 

Your stuffed heart is finished!

Other ideas:

-Stuff with dried lavender flowers for a sachet.
-Put magnets in the back and stick on the fridge.
-Use as a pin cushion, if you stick a magnet in too the pins'll stick!
-Sew sequins or beads to the surface of a finished heart.
-Make them out of old frayed items you are sentimental about, eg. children's quilts.
-Embroider on the right side of one of the pieces before sewing together.
-These make great gifts.

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  1. I like to use plastic grocery bags to stuff my hearts. It works great and is up-cycling at its finest!

    1. That's really clever! I also like to use the leftover yarn ends that I collect from knitting projects :)


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