Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Crochet Class

Last week I had a lovely cozy afternoon with a friend. She was interested in learning how to make crochet flowers and so that's what we did!

I made a pot of fresh mint tea, got out the biscotti and we dived into my stash! That was a scary moment, how on earth did I end up with soooo much yarn?

We decided to go the intuitive path and not count the stitches too much so you can see that our flowers are not exactly perfect. But we did cover the names of the stitches and got through the basics:

single crochet
half double crochet
double crochet
triple crochet
slip stitch

That's quite a lot for only a couple of hours work. My flower is the orange one and the pinky peach one my friend made is now proudly attached to her phone, it's a handy screen wipe!

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  1. You did cover a lot in a couple of hours! Sounds like it was fun and time just flew by. Do you recommend making flowers a good beginner project?

    1. Hi Pealetta!

      Yes, I would recommend flowers as a good beginner project, very achievable and they look great even if they are not perfect, they are a very forgiving way to learn the basics.

      I am working on a tutorial for circles (to make lavender puffs) aimed at beginners and it should be done soon. Look out for it on the blog in the near future :)

  2. i just made my first flower today after less than a month of crocheting and agree with you, it's a nice beginner project. knowing at least these basic stitches first helped me to follow the instructions with less frustration than expected.


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