Sunday, 29 April 2012

Etsy Stock Take - Week Seventeen

New in LifesJewels: Greeting Cards

Etsy Stock Take - Week Seventeen - Sunday Linky Party

I have always made my own greetings cards rather than buying them. This week I thought I might try putting some in the shop. 

These are special because they feature European stamps. I find it impossible to throw away stamps and always rip them off envelopes before sticking them in the recycling. I have a nice little pile now and was wondering what to do with them... Then I thought about sewing them to paper, which I have seen other crafty-types do.

Voila, these cards were born!

There is something very nice about how each card is one of a kind. If I make more the stamp combinations will always be different :)

This is my favourite - the one with the British stamp featuring Fantastic Mr Fox.

Giveaway winner:

Congratulations to Simona at ArtsyAnts who won last week's giveaway! Simona, I will contact you shortly to get your address :)

Update: Simona received her package and blogged about it on the Artsy Ants!

Join me:

I hope that you fellow Etsians will join me in showcasing your new items each week. I will post my progress every Sunday, but you can join in with a live list anytime!

You have 2 options:


1. For those with time to blog: 


Write a new post on your blog (telling us about your new items), title it Etsy Stock Take and link back here so your readers get a chance to find the link up list. Then create a link from here to your blog using the Linky widget (where it says 'click here to enter') at the bottom of this post. Then we can find your post :)

If you like you can pick up the Etsy Stock Take blog button from the code in the sidebar on the right.


2. Link up directly to your Etsy shop:  

Post a link that goes directly to your new items in Etsy using the Linky widget (where it says 'click here to enter') at the bottom of this post (you can put up as many as you like!).

It'd be lovely if you took a moment to go and check out some stuff that others post below - go shopping!

It seems that there have been some difficulties with the Linky widget. If you have problems, please let me know and I will give you a hand (my email). I will list each week's stock take on my Etsy Stock Take page. Please go and have a browse...

Let's show our support for each other craftwise!

I'm hoping that my goal of listing one item a week will be a powerful motivator and a source of Etsy promotion for us all.


Kat :)

Also linking up to: "My entry to Simple Home Life's  Simply Creation's Friday sponsored by Appliances Online and their Fridge Freezers”.


  1. I love your cards! Very interesting and creative.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the feedback *blushing!*

  2. Aaaah, so cool I won!!! Thanks so much! I'll be in contact with you :)

    The cards are lovely, I had an instant "Uh, how nice!" feeling when I saw the photos!

    1. YAY Simona! :) I'm pleased you like the cards... I've sent you an email to get your postal address.

  3. Those cards are so unique I love them...and the Mr fox stamp is awesome!

  4. ha! now i regret having spent hours trying to peel stamps of the envelopes in the past. they look so much nicer and more crafty still on the paper with the torn edge! fab idea!!

    1. Don't worry, I have also spent hours of my life holding envelopes over kettles trying to steam off the stamps... but, something's gotta give!


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