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Etsy Stock Take - Week Sixteen - Giveaway!

New in: Gift Certificates

Etsy Stock Take - Week Sixteen

UPDATE: Don't post your links here anymore, please go over to the latest Etsy Stock Take. I plan to do this at the end of every calender week, so look out for the newest link-up opportunity!

This week the Etsy Stock Take is full of news!

Etsy Stock Take:
Firstly, I have been rather busy knitting. Now knitting is very time intensive and doesn't normally yield anything for my shop as my knitting projects are usually earmarked for someone before I start. 

So I have no items to list this week. But I know that regularly listing new items is important for getting an Etsy shop noticed by Google. So I was wondering what to do about that and then thought that perhaps I can offer gift certificates... 

So I put together a new image using the same font as my blog (I'm trying to create a more cohesive look) and a lovely photo of Provence in the the South of France that I took last time we were there. That goes nicely with my lavender items.  Have you ever thought about offering gift certificates in your shop?

The shop gets a name change:
SecondlyI decided to change my Etsy shop's name! Now it is LifesJewels to fit in with the blog. I would love to take on more custom orders and I think that using the blog to show what I can do will help with that goal in the long term.

100th post giveaway!
Thirdly, this is my 100th post! My blog is very young, I just started it last year in the autumn. It's been a bit of a journey and I still have A LOT to learn and improvements to make. But I am very excited to have made it this far. In celebration I would like to offer a craft book to one of my readers!

The book is:
Chic and Unique Beaded Jewellery edited by Naomi Abeykoon and published by D&C.

It includes a run down of the needed materials and techniques for making beaded jewellery and many great projects by several designers. It's brand new, I have only leafed through it :)

To enter the competition, please leave me a comment with some feedback or advice on what I can do to improve the blog, LifesJewels (Etsy shop) or how to attract more custom orders. 

It'd be great if you followed me on Twitter too - @KatEzat ;)

The author of the best piece of advice will be the winner! I'll announce the winner in next week's Etsy Stock Take and you can enter until then. This is open to anyone, I'll happily post the book internationally.

Sneak Peek!

Meanwhile please link up with your shop items as usual, you know what to do!

Oh, and don't forget that last week LeAnn offered us all a 10% discount in her shop LeMaisonBelle with the coupon code: JEWELSONSTRING10. Go and check it out!

See you next week,

Kat :)

Join me:

I hope that you fellow Etsians will join me in showcasing your new items each week. I will post my progress every Sunday, but you can join in with a live list anytime!

You have 2 options:


1. For those with time to blog: 


Write a new post on your blog (telling us about your new items), title it Etsy Stock Take and link back here so your readers get a chance to find the link up list. Then create a link from here to your blog using the Linky widget (where it says 'click here to enter') at the bottom of this post. Then we can find your post :)

If you like you can pick up the Etsy Stock Take blog button from the code in the sidebar on the right.


2. Link up directly to your Etsy shop:  

Post a link that goes directly to your new items in Etsy using the Linky widget (where it says 'click here to enter') at the bottom of this post (you can put up as many as you like!).

It'd be lovely if you took a moment to go and check out some stuff that others post below. 

It seems that there have been some difficulties with the Linky widget. If you have problems, please let me know and I will give you a hand. I will list each week's stock take on my Etsy Stock Take page. Please go and have a browse...

Let's show our support for each other craftwise!

I'm hoping that my goal of listing one item a week will be a powerful motivator and a source of Etsy promotion for us all.


  1. I'll start the ball rolling...

    Do you think that the blog looks too busy? Too many colours, too much to read?

  2. am i still in time for the giveaway??
    i think your pictures could be bigger, especially since they are beautiful and you don't need to be shy about them. photos are what makes me read through a post.

    the hardest part of selling on etsy is–i think–generating serious traffic. i often see people "favoriting" my items just to recreate them. how lame!
    i personally really would like to do something like a craft fair. it would be so much easier to sell things if people got to see the items in person rather than photographed and on their badly calibrated monitor. perhaps we should do something like that together next time i visit HH?? :)

    1. Oh Simona, you are a sweetie!

      You certainly are still in time for the giveaway :)

      I am a bit shy about my photos, it's the area I feel the weakest in... But I am going to go through the blog and make some BIGGER! Good advice, thank you so much.

      Oh... craft fairs... Would love to meet up with you in HH!

  3. I was having problems uploading and accidently put my link up twice and I am not sure how to remove it. Sorry

    1. No worries Korinne, it'll be easier next time! Twice the exposure for you... Is it Jemima Puddle Duck? Thank you for coming by :)

  4. Love the jewelry, and that pencil portrait is awesome! The duck is really cute ^_^

    1. It's great to see what people are making right? I'm always amazed by the quality and variety :)


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