Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How to: Street Stuff into Thrifty Handmade Cushions

Do you remember the bed linen that I picked up off the street for free? I made thrifty cushions!

Tah dah!

In Germany they have giant pillow cases and I managed to get four cushions from each of the two pillow cases. Wow. I have cut and assembled all eight, but only four are stuffed so far. We use them in the kitchen because the chairs there are not very comfortable.

My notes:

-Plan the size and shape. I used an existing cushion and soon realised that I could make four square cushions from one pillow case.

-Cut the pieces. I just followed the fold lines (and the printed lines on the fabric!).

-Turn the pieces inside out, right sides together. Sew up the open edges (2 sides on each cushion were already sewn up: the original pillow case seams.)

NB: Leave a couple of inches open for stuffing!

-Turn the pieces right side out again. Stuff the cushions (A supply of M&Ms is very helpful here as you can see in the picture!).

I used a polyfil stuffing that I got at my local craft store. It was about EUR11 for 400g (I think, I'm guessing as I already threw out the packaging, I'll check and update...). I used the whole packet for the four cushions which are 13 1/2" square (34cm square).

-Sew up the little openings.

-Go and enjoy your lovely squishy very thrifty cushions!

What I'm thinking:

  • Any old bedding or scrap fabric (old clothes?) could be used for this project, you don't have to wait until you find some for free on the street! haha.
  • I do believe that the stuffing holds up in the wash, so it's not too icky to not have a separate insert in order to wash the cover. 
  • The cushion could be any shape and size as it's not necessary to find an insert to match. Now I'm thinking little animal shapes... I suppose it would depend on the fabric...
Shame about the declining photo quality, it got dark and rainy before I had finished!

Little birds!

As I write this I am watching a family of Great Tits dance around on my balcony! Oh they are so sweet. I wish I could include a photo, but they are very skittish, I cannot risk even moving my head.

I'm holding my breath!

I over-toasted some pine nuts yesterday and they were a bit too bitter for the recipe I had in mind. Turns out that Great Tits love them!

Now I've made thrifty cushions with the pillow cases, the big question is what to do with the sheets...


  1. It depends on what size they are but they could make great curtains, or maybe a slipcover for a chair, backing for a small quit, Place mats for the table, table runner, tea cozy? See there, you've definitely given me inspiration. Just found your blog, love it! :)

    1. Yea, maybe a table cloth... Backing for a quilt sounds like a super idea, I've been thinking a lot about tackling a quilt, I'm a bit scared of the challenge though... need a bit more conficence.

      Thanks for coming by!


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