Sunday, 8 April 2012

Etsy Stock Take - Week Fourteen

Wedding RSVP Card

Etsy Stock Take - Week Fourteen 

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This week I RSVPed to a wedding we've been invited to in June. I'm very excited about going south to Geneva and hanging out with all the lovely friends we made when we lived there.
I wanted to send a formal acceptance (we just don't get enough quality post these days do we?). 

When looking in the shops, I was surprised by the price of cards, an average of around EUR7. I didn't find much of a choice either. Maybe I went to the wrong places... 

Anyway I decided that I would make a card myself. Then I got to thinking it might be a nice addition to my Etsy shop. So I have listed a Wedding RSVP Card.

It's a bright white card and envelope embellished with sweet little crochet hearts. These could be done in a myriad of colours. It could be used as an RSVP card, an anniversary card, a congratulations card or a thank you card, or I could make a whole set to serve as wedding invitations... I hope I get a custom order! 

What have you been up to? I would love to know. The Etsy Stock Take has been a bit slow in the last week, but I think that Blogger changing over it's server has had a hand in that... 

See you next week,

Kat :)

Join me:

I hope that you fellow Etsians will join me in showcasing your new items each week. I will post my progress every Sunday, but you can join in with a live list anytime!

You have 2 options:

1. For those with time to blog: 

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It'd be lovely if you took a moment to go and check out some stuff that others post below. 

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Let's show our support for each other craftwise!

I'm hoping that my goal of listing one item a week will be a powerful motivator and a source of Etsy promotion for us all.

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