Thursday, 13 October 2011

Chilli chilli.

Food Friday

I've fallen in love with a jar of chilli.

Adorable no?

Yes, maybe I'm crazy. But HOT chillies are far and few between up north in Germany. It's taken me nearly a year to find these babies. (I do admit that I hadn't looked much further than Lidl and Rewe, thanks to Mimi for recommending Andronaco).

Actually Andronaco deserves a link.

You do need to read in either German or Italian to get the details, but maybe you can work out where to find them without specialist language knowledge. 


It's curious how chilli when talking about food means hot, yet when you speak about the weather chilly means rather cold... Hmmm. Language.


  1. I've found a hard time finding chilies as well and was pleased to discover an Asian Grocery store, where I now buy all those hard to find items.

  2. Sorry I can't share in the love of hot chilies, but my husband does -- the hotter, the better. Anyway, your collection does make for nice photos!

  3. Laurel, Asian grocers are great. I've found a great Turkish one in Hamburg too, but it's far out of my way, so need to plan a trip. Mmmm, I do fancy some fresh lamb. :)

  4. @Cathy, thanks for taking the time to comment! :)


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