Thursday, 2 February 2012

How to: Handmade Man Apron.

Make me!

Handmade Man Apron in 10 Easy Steps.

This is my response to the January monthly make and a lovely sew one thing a month sew-a-long which I have temporarily lost in blog land, will update when I find it.

A nice easy project for January to ease me into things. Very customisable too. 

If you want to make one read on. 

If I'm reading these notes while making another one some time in the future - hello me!

You will need:
  • A loved apron (already in existence).
  • Fabric (Cotton is good cos it's hard-waring and washes well).
  • Sewing stuff -pins -scissors -sewing machine -thread -iron

1. Fold your fabric and fold your apron in half longways. Lay one on top of the other. I laid my fabric out with the selvedge edge at the top as it was nice and fluffy and also because then I wouldn't have to hem that bit. (Please do not forget to lay the fold of the fabric under the fold of the apron - very important!).

2. Measure any extra length (if you want it). I added about 20cm to the bottom. I also decided to make a curve at the top sides instead of the square shape of my apron.


3. Cut around your apron incorporating your adjustments. Unfold and admire. 

4. Pin down the edges for hemming. I had wanted to use my hemming foot on my Bernina at this point, but discovered that my fabric was too heavy, so used the normal foot in the end. To make this bit easier I folded the edge once (about 5mm) ironing the fold as I went, then folded again (another 5mm), also ironing it down. Then I had a nice tidy edge to pin and sew. Go ahead and sew them down.

TIP: If you put the pins in with the heads facing you as you sew, you can pull them out easily as you go. No need to tack (baste).

5. Make 3 tubes, for the 2 ties and the round the neck bit.


6. Fold in untidy ends of the ties and pin them into place.


7. Sew them on.

8. Do the same with the round the neck thingy, measuring it up using your old faithful apron.



9. Pretty it up a little (only a little cos it is a man apron). If you are making a girl apron go to town!


10. Get a man to model it for you!

If you do make one please leave me a link to a picture so I can see it, would love to share!

What are you sewing these days?

PS. You might have noticed that my blog changed colour about 5 times today... I'm desperate to improve the background style, but I'm afraid it is a work in progress! Hang on in there with me :)


  1. OOOOOH What a hot make! Well done you, I love it xx

    1. Ahh, thanks, I can't wait to make my February thing now!


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