Thursday, 9 February 2012

Vintage Cars in Hamburg - VW Beetle with Skis.

Too cool!  Vintage motor and vintage skis!
I saw this last week in the east of Hamburg somewhere.

I was on my way through the city with the precious cargo of 4 x in-laws who had just flown into Lübeck Airport. Thankfully we were stopped at a traffic light and I could whip out my camera! Sis-in-law did a good job of getting the photo below. The vintage skis were so appropriate for the current big freeze weather we're having!


This is part of my new photography project: Vintage Cars in Hamburg. I now carry my camera wherever I go and I will collect pictures of old cars that I see while out and about. They just make me happy.

  1. Mini Cooper
  2. V.W. Beetle 

Any nice cars around your way?

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