Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Vintage Cars in Hamburg: VW Beetle

Vintage Cars in Hamburg: VW Beetle
Look at this baby! 

I saw this last week in the Eppendorf area. In fact, I saw it a month or so ago and regretted not taking a photo of it then, so I was really happy when I passed by again and it was in practically the same spot!

I really like the moss green colour against the winter trees.

This is part of my new photography project: Vintage Cars in Hamburg. I now carry my camera wherever I go and I will collect pictures of old cars that I see while out and about. They just make me happy.

For more in the vintage car photo collection:
  1. Mini Cooper
  2. V.W. Beetle 
  3. V.W. Beetle with vintage skis

Any nice cars around your way?


  1. Oh yes, vintage cars are great!

    In reply to your question on our blog:

    I bought the soapnuts in the little shop that was formerly called "Wilde Erdbeeren" (not sure of the new name) in St. Pauli, Brigittenstra├če 1.
    You might also try Alnatua or any other organic food store?

  2. Very nostalgic! My grandma owned a red 1956 VW and she actually named it Ringo. She obviously had a crush on The Beatle’s brilliant drummer! That car just holds so many wonderful and classic stories from grandma. It was her first car until she married my grandpa. =)

    1. Oh, what a lovely comment Leisa :)

      I love these old classic cars for these very stories... Read about my first car here:


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