Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Design Submission

I want to remember this day: It's the first time I have ever tried to submit a design (of my own devising) in response to a craft magazine's call for entries.


I am so inexperienced at this that I really have no idea how my design will be received or whether I prepared the submission in the right way. Still I hope I am in with some kind of a chance...

The submission is an item (well 2 actually!) for the 2012 Jane Austen Knits by Knitting Daily. I blogged about my plan back in October and more recently. The 2011 version was quite lovely and I am looking forward to seeing the new one. Yes, even if my design's not in it... :)

Have you ever tried your hand at design professionally? Any tips for me?


  1. Coming over from Mercantile Muse, and wanted to wish you luck! And congrats for trying - that's a huge step!

    1. From Mercantile Muse's Gotta Blog It party that is... I'm not the Mercantile Muse herself! lol

  2. how fun! i wish you all the best, i hope they choose your design! and even if not, keep trying!

  3. @Kristen and @Simona: Thanks for the encouragement! Maybe I'm crazy, but as a wise man said 'He who dares - wins, Rodders'.
    Oh and you gotta be in it to win it, right?!


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