Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Regency research.

I am doing research for a project I am considering, as I posted about here.

This is what I've found so far...

1800 accesories - Cashmere shawls worn as stoles, long with paisley decorations at the short end.

Baker's dozen  of important women from the Napoleonic Era (Jane Austen is number 3, and number 4 is in the beautiful image above, Mme Recamier, celebrity and wearer of casemere shawls).

Antique postcard showing a girl with a stole over her arm (left).

 1818:  Eliza Ridgely painted by Sully, not sure what her stole is made of here, shines like silk, doesn't look woven/knit (right).

Wool shawl, with helpful dimensions of a real 1810 wool shawl: only 9.25" wide, but very long. Plain body with edgings and ornate ends woven in paisley. 


Design tutorial.

Moss (seed) stitch eats more yarn than sockinette.


  1. Hi,keep sharing pls I love that period for all its costumes,jewelry,hats,gloves,shoes.

  2. It is quite a gorgeous era isn't it :)
    I will update on this project soon.


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