Saturday, 26 November 2011

Granny square disaster.

So I recently posted about my change of heart when it comes to granny squares, detailing the start of a granny square project.

Today I want to note the progress of said project. I think in my head it was to be a floor mat, possibly to go in the bathroom in front of the shower cubicle. I happily hooked up a tons of squares from yarn made from old t-shirts and started musing on how to join them together.

After doing some research, I decided to go with crocheting together the outside loops of the stitches so that the joining would only be visible on the back of the mat.

That bit worked a treat and I will be doing it again. However, you might have noticed that this particular project can be justly labeled a disaster. Can you see the problem?

Somewhere along the line I put down my giantest crochet hook and picked up the next size down! haha!!

Now I did notice that some squares were a bit bigger than others, but figured blocking before joining would sort it out. Then when they still seemed a bit squiff, I thought they'd get comfy when joined together - no problem right?


The big ones puff up cos they don't have room to lay flat, bless their little hearts!

What I learnt:
  • Only use one size crochet hook for an entire project!
  • Pack away other hooks while working on something to avoid confusion.
  • Don't try and join things that are very obviously not going to fit.
  • A rather nice method to join granny squares that is not noticeable on the right side.
What next:
  • I'm going to frog the lot and then start a new bathroom mat. This time I'm going to make a giant circle incorporating an old bedsheet.
  • I'm reserving my judgement on granny squares until I can successfully complete a project involving them. Watch this space!


  1. I used to have problems with granny squares, I was beginning to feel like a right wally, till it suddenly dawned on me..Im left handed so no wonder I wasnt beginning or finishing at the same place. :) Lifes full of learning curves. I did a rag rug the other day, my favourite quick project.

  2. @sewsurprising

    I'm a leftie too, so how did you sort that granny square problem out? I'm popping by your blog, is your rag rug up?


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