Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Amalfi in Hamburg.

So, autumn is ebbing away. The hot flash of burning leaves in which red squirrels dance has come to the end and now our kitchen window presents us with bare bones which only spring will revive. The days have become short and very grey.

I am sad that I did not take the time to photograph the hot oranges and reds of the autumn leaves, yet somehow I thought they would hang around longer. I should have been warned by Mr C's observation, 'it's a spectacle of death'.

I do have one photo from this short autumn which haunts me, the above. We took this right at the beginning of autumn on a truly sunny, but very windy day. It's Blankenese, the Amalfi of Hamburg, as we stagger back up the hill to our waiting chariot (car). The light had gone, but I loved seeing the far off rain advancing over the Elbe. And it was an exciting race against time to get home and snug before it caught us.

A happy 'grey' moment. Who'd have thought?

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