Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I've finally dug out photos of the lampshades I made a couple of years back. They are still hanging out in a flat in Geneva :)

How to:

The shade pictured above is a super easy and quick project. 
  • Just buy a pack of fabric rose petals and glue them onto shade of your choice. I chose to make them look as if they were tumbling down one side (see the reflection in the mirror). 

Other projects:

 The lamp shade above was inspired by something much bigger and more industrial looking that I saw in a cafe in the Plain Palais area of Geneva.

This one was my first attempt at lampshades! It has a brother that is a table lamp. Not sure if I have a photo of that... I will look.

These were made by manipulating wire into a soft frame in the desired shape and attaching to a regular lamp shade frame (that you can buy in craft shops). Then the paper and glue technique of decoupage was used to fill in each part of the frame (do it in stages, letting each part dry off and then adding more paper).

This is what I was thinking about when I found the hat image in this post. Maybe I'll use the same technique to make a hat! Have you ever made anything like this?


  1. AWESOME!!! i've been thinking about a chinese lantern project. I'll keep yours in mind, I love the feel of it and if I combined this with other tutorial I saw, I think it would be fab.

    1. Get those creative juices flowing, that's what I like ;)

  2. Love the simple rose petals idea - that would be lovely in my daughter's room!

    1. If you do it, please share a picture, I'd love to see! :)


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