Friday, 18 November 2011

Great Granny Square.

Christoper Kane Design

I used to have a pretty poor opinion of the granny square, I think it was all those 70's garish colours. 

However, recently I've started to reconsider. I thought I should at least try to make some before judging them so harshly.

So, not one to spend any money on an experiment, and one to enjoy cutting stuff up I first attempted to make t-shirt yarn from some old cotton vests:


Then to work granny squaring:

Things I learnt:

-Cotton vests that have a slight rib in the weave fray badly, losing lots of bits. Grrr.
-You need a yumbo crochet hook for t-shirt yarn! The one I used was size 10mm.
-I had to simplify my design to a VERY simple square to accommodate my yarn. 

-How on earth am I gonna join them together?
-What am I actually making? Maybe a bathroom floor mat?
-Will I ever be able to transfer the skills I have just learnt into making myself the glorious Christopher Kane Granny Square Biker Jacket (not 4 words you thought you'd ever see together!)?

Next installment...


  1. A size Q hook would maybe work better, and I have made several granny square mats using fabric as well as tshirting repurposed. It is time consuming but you did a great job using a 10mm hook :)

  2. @sew happy Jan: Oh, thanks for the advice ;)


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