Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Vintage and Yarn Shopping.

Oh I had the best afternoon yesterday!

Me and Mimi did a little vintage and yarn shopping in Hamburg. First we found an amazing vintage boutique in Altona, called F. Kids, we had wandered past previously and then returned to investigate. It's a treasure trove of good condition, clean and fresh vintage clothing and shoes, mixed in with a few new handbags and a smattering of handmade jewellery and other little delights. We spent a while in there chatting with the owner (in English and German) and I tried a few things on. This is what I bought:

It's a buttery soft calf-length real leather skirt. It's perfect, no stains, holes, lining is intact. And look at the colour! I loved it the moment I clapped eyes on it. And now it's mine and I have a feeling that I'll be wearing this for years and years and forever probably.

 Then off we happily skipped to Mylys, near Sternschanze. Now this is a shop that I could quite easily live in. I say that because not only because it is a bright white environment which holds tons of glorious, squashable, huggable, breath-takingly coloured yarn, but also because it has a cafe where you can drink hot chocolate and eat white-chocolate cheesecake while admiring the glorious, squashable, huggable... ok you get the idea! The owner, Naima, is very friendly and helpful and also speaks English very well. Thumbs up from me!

So, here I bought this for Marmee's waistcoat (hope she LOVEs it... holding my breath). 100% pure new wool. Yummy.


 And this is for Mimi's little cocktail hat that I'm working on (mostly in my brain at the moment, I'll have to do some work so I can feature it in a future post):
See how it shines? That's cos it's pure silk. Ohhhhh.

If you want details of the yarn, check it out in my ravelry stash.

Been shopping recently?

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  1. gorgeous skirt love the colour so pretty!
    let me know when you wear it and post some pics!
    XX Ilana


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