Saturday, 10 December 2011

Vintage movies for everyone!

Hepburn images and fashion.

Do I love old films? Is it snowy and cold where I am? Do I feel the need of a hot drink, blanket and an old movie? 

Yes, yes and yes!

Well then, I need to sit back and peruse the Entertainment Magazine's Free Movie Catalogue. 

This is a collection of films which have made it into the public domain in one way or another. You don't need to sign up with the site and you don't need to download anything. All the films are available immediately for streaming straight to your computer.

If you can hook your laptop up to the TV you're laughing!

I recently watched Charade. It's just so lovely. French Alps, Parisian apartments and a good dose of murder mystery. And at the centre of it all Audrey looks so innocent.

What will I watch next? Where's my easy movie knitting?

A big thanks to Mimi for bringing this site to my attention x

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