Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The first snow!

I am very happy to announce that snow has arrived in our parts. Very exciting because the only thing that redeems winter, in my opinion, is snow. Hurrah!

Reading the news I can see that it's arrived in the UK too, albeit up north.

Check out the red squirrel digging about for nuts under the falling snow - he's a courageous little thing!
It's hard to photograph snow, my camera has a 'snow function' but I should really learn how to do it properly and how it works...

Is it snowing where you are?


  1. your pics are gorgeous so jealous! thanks for visiting my blog
    XX Ilana


  2. We've only had a light dusting and it's January! It's been unseasonably warm and it just started to cool down the past few days so hopefully we'll get our first snow day soon!


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