Thursday, 8 December 2011

Making Winter: Twinkle Lights.

I hoard jam jars. I can't help it, I just love them. (They say admitting it is the first step on the road to recovery. We'll see...).

We have a particularly big glut of them at the moment and when I bemoaned the fact that they won't all fit in the cupboard Mr C suggested putting candles in some of them.

Well, of course!

I could go all crafty (it has been known) and decorate each jar, but I think I am really liking the simplicity of them grouped as they are on the window sill.

It does make a winter evening that bit warmer.

Let's join Thrifty Household and Silver Pebble in their making winter better quest.


  1. Very festive! Thanks for adding this link to the Making Winter... (Ssshhhh...I also store jam jars but am not yet fully ready to admit it.)

  2. Oh there's nothing like lanterns and candles for bringing cheer. Your little row of lights is beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in with the project.

  3. I hoard jam jars too! And canning jars, and salsa jars, and peanut butter jars... This is a wonderful idea. I think you're right that they look nicest in a plain and simple jar.

  4. I have a fair stack of jam jars as well ( I didn't realise there were so many other people who do too!). I might just dig out some tealights tonight, they look so pretty. Juliex

  5. @Thrifty Household - Don't worry, the time will come, until then enjoy them!

    @silverpebble - I'm enjoying the whole concept of your project enormously!

    @Mrs Micawber - Thanks for the compliment :)

    @Julie - Do it! The fastest craft project ever ;)

  6. Another jam jar addict! I got some wonderful ones from France with a raised image of fruits and flowers on which look fantastic with tea lights in. The inexpensive things are often the best (though a trip to France isn't cheap!)

  7. @Freda - :) There's a lot of sense in the expression 'cheap and cheerful'! But France, *big sigh and a smile* That's something else altogether x

  8. They look lovely. I also look to wrap them with doileys and twine

  9. @TheMadHouse - Wrapping them with doileys... Now that might just be genius, I'll have to try that

  10. I hoard jars as well, and bottles. I just started collecting these adorable little apple juice bottles - no idea what to do with them (yet). The neck is too thick to put a candle in, but I could actually make them into candle jars.
    I made candles years ago for my entire family as gifts and I used mason jars as the holders - they all seemed to really like them!

    An idea that I like - I have also wrapped wire around the neck of a mason jar, and created a loop with that wire, and filled the jar with pebbles and a candle and hung them in the yard when we have people over. Sometimes I add a few wire-wrapped beads around the neck or something that will sparkle when the candle is lit.

    1. Oh Jay, you have a lot of good ideas. Winter is coming around here again so maybe I'll try some of those out!


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