Monday, 14 November 2011

Upcycled quilt.

My beloved quilt from my teenage days was wearing very thin in the middle, from all that time I have spent flayed out on it doing my homework, painting my nails, reading, phoning... list goes on!

Marmee bought me and my sister a matching pair when I was 11ish (don't exactly remember). Mine was in more or less constant use until now 18(ish) years later! Now it was getting very shabby in the middle and I was feeling like I wasn't doing right by it leaving it in that state.

Then, my sewing machine shows up (long story, will note it later). So out come the scissors and, deep breath, I get cutting. And so far to show for it I have these yummy cuddly cushion covers.

I'm also planning hanging stuffed hearts, maybe with some embroidery. Oh and a hot water bottle cover...



  1. What a great idea! And now you can spend your days lying back on the cushions doing almost the same things as you did as a teen!

  2. Heehee, I think one of the cushions still has a nail polish stain on it, a smear of pink. It makes me love it all the more :)


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