Friday, 20 January 2012

Nearly a pair of socks!

I've made some progress on Mr C's socks

The second of the pair is about half way through. In fact, in the last day or so (since taking this picture) I have turned the heel - the best bit! It really looks like a sock now and not just a tube! Can't wait to see them in use.

Oh by the way, knitting socks is doable and not as scary as you would think!

  1. One sock finished.
  2. One down, one to go.
  3. One and a half...
  4. Then they were a pair!

What are you working on?


  1. I might try making socks now after seeing this. It's that word 'doable' that's got me going ;)

    1. Do it!!!

      If you look back at my other posts and my ravelry projects page you can see the improvement sock by sock! Youtube is amazing for finding people who can explain techniques and help you visually. You can watch the video over and over and copy it.


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