Wednesday, 11 July 2012

African Block Printed Fabric Top

Tah dah! Today I wore my new top, made from the African Block Printed Fabric that I bought last month. Who knew that the prints we think of as typically African were probably produced in Holland?!

My Nigerian friend made me this top and a very funky skirt from my material. I totally LOVE them, the print is so colourful and happy.

The skirt is a bit too long for me and needs shortening. However, I am on an extended trip away from home and so I will get a photo of the whole outfit, including the skirt, recorded in late August when I am home again and have some time to take the hem up!

What's your favourite item of clothing these days?

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  1. how colorful, i love it! it looks fantastic with your jeans but i'm still curious to see it with the skirt as well.
    i don't think i have a particular piece of clothing that is my favorite right now, but i do love having at least one funky piece in my outfit that stands out somehow.

  2. hmmm, my fave item of clothing?? anything that accomodates nursing, LOL!

    1. Hey! Lovely comments from my two favourite ants! ;)

      See you in August :)


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