Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Silk Knitted Lace Fascinator Hat.

Finally I've got round to sorting out this post!  It's the tah dah for the silk lace fascinator hat I've been working on for ages... It's finished and has gone to live with its new owner.

I have noted the several stages of this rather long project. You can find out more about the lace stages, here I started the lace (first time I ever knit lace!) and there's also an update on knitting the lace where you can also see the hat base more clearly.

I used a hat base and elastic head band that I ordered from Squirlgirl on Etsy. After blocking the lace (worked a treat, the leaves settled beautifully clear) I assembled the little hat. It was finished off with a nice felt lining (embroidered with my initials!).

For more info check out the project on Ravelry.

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  1. this is gorgeous, it looks professionally made! it's probably a whole lot of work to make them, but i could imagine these would be a great addition to your shop!

    1. Thanks Simona! Yea, it was a lot of work but I have an idea for a simplified version that would be more Etsy shop friendly :)


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