Saturday, 4 August 2012

Edelweiss in Switzerland

Edelweiss in Lausanne, Switzerland
 I love capturing little details that I find when I am out and about.

A couple of days ago I was walking past a little flower shop in the old town part of Lausanne and I spied an Edelweiss in flower for sale. I was fascinated. They are sweet and kind of furry. Strains of The Sound of Music came into my mind...

I believe that Edelweiss, typical of the Swiss Alps, are quite rare, especially in the wild, so this was quite a privilege :)

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  1. wow, i've never seen one in real life! you're right, they are very rare. i'm curious to know what the price was for one of those and how hard they are to care for!

  2. As far as I remember I've never seen an Edelweiss in the wild - and I've been to the Alps often. This definitely is quite rare - lucky you!


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