Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Classic Cars in Hamburg: Mini Cooper in Hafen City

A couple of months ago I had to go to the Hafen City Zoll (Customs Office) to collect a parcel (an Etsy purchase!). On the way back to the station I walked past this little chesnut. I loved the building it was parked next to too.

Looking at this photo is like a glimpse of a moment from another era. The Hafen City is an area of Hamburg's working harbour that is undergoing intense redevelopment, with impressive modern buildings designed by world famous architects going up. It's special that I found this little vintage corner.

This is part of my photography project: Classic Cars. I now carry my camera wherever I go and I will collect pictures of vintage cars that I see while out and about. They just make me happy.
  1. Mini Cooper in Hamburg
  2. V.W. Beetle  in Hamburg
  3. V.W. Beetle with vintage skis in Hamburg
  4. Mini Cooper in Hamburg
  5. Vintage cars in the UK Winter 2012  
  6. Renault 5 in Hamburg
  7. Classic cars in Sylt in Germany Spring 2012 
  8. Classic American in Hamburg
  9. Fiat 500 in Liguria in Italy Summer 2012
  10. VW Beetle Convertible in Lausanne in Switzerland Summer 2012

LOVE classic cars!

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  1. I love classic cars :) I own a 1963 Rambler Wagon and my boyfriend has a 1964 Chevy Pickup. Both of our parents have classics as well :)
    Fun photo!


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