Friday, 18 January 2013

The Madness - Part One - Delft.

December was basically a pretty long road trip around Europe. Primarily it was planned to help us take care of various responsibilities we had while moving house from Hamburg, Germany to Delft, Netherlands.

Thankfully we ended up having some fun time too and I started Instragramming. I've been really looking forward to scrapbooking some of these pictures on Lifes Jewels!

We called this road trip The Madness.

The Madness, Part One, Stopping off in Delft:

Delft through the WestCord Hotel
Ikea Lamp Shades used to good effect at the WestCord Hotel, Delft
A drink under the old Delft market scales (can't remember how old they are, but we're talking hundreds of years!). Stadscafé De Waag.
Sunrise on the road, next stop Italy!

 The Madness part 2 coming soon...

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  1. These are some very cool pictures! I like the light in them.

    1. Thanks Carola! I just used my phone for these pics, but I'm really enjoying playing with composition. Instagram helps... haha!


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