Tuesday, 8 January 2013

We've arrived in Delft!

Yep, that's a canal!

We've arrived in Delft in the Netherlands! The madness is over.

During the last weeks we've been on an epic journey through Europe, closing up a flat in Hamburg and another one in Geneva and now we have finally landed in Delft. We plan to stay put here for a few years, phew :)

I would love to have some great and exciting new year updates ready to go for LifesJewels, but after the recent madness, I realise that I need to take things slow. I think I will ease into the new year gently here on the blog.

 2013 Blog Ideas:
-Post some photos from the madness (European road trip)
-Continue Etsy Stock Take
-Promote Featured Etsy Stock Takers
-Prepare project notes for a couple of sewing projects from last year that never got written up
-Catch up with my blogger friends and hopefully take part in some crafty/bloggy collaborations
-Freshen up the design of LifesJewels
-Showcase Delft

Wow, that's actually a lot of fun stuff to keep me busy. In real life I will be looking for work and a permanent place to live as well as other important stuff. Oh, and I'd love to get my Etsy shop up and running again.


I can hear loud scary sirens, like the police or ambulance x 10 and I'm getting a bit worried.


I just did a web search and it turns out that every Monday at 12pm the Delft University of Technology test all their sirens.

Lots of new things to get used to!!!

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  1. interesting about the sirens! here in Hamburg it's Saturday at 12p.m., did you ever hear it?
    looking forward to2013 on your blog!!

    1. Strangely enough, no... Maybe we lived too far out of the centre. We used to hear ships horns at home though!

  2. looking forward to what you'll share here in 2013!


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