Sunday, 13 May 2012

Etsy Stock Take - Week Nineteen


Etsy Stock Take - Week Nineteen - Sunday Linky Party

This week I am changing the Etsy Stock Take format a little so that it is more manageable to keep up with! I have many projects for the summer, including a lot of travelling and so now is a good time to make things simpler for myself.

The upshot is, I spend less time talking and we spend more time sharing! So...

Link up:

I hope that you fellow Etsians will join me in showcasing your new items each week. I will post my progress every Sunday, but you can join in with a live list anytime!

You have 2 options:


1. For those with time to blog: 


Write a new post on your blog (telling us about your new items), mention the Etsy Stock Take and link back here so your readers get a chance to find the link up list (or add the button above).

Then create a link from here to your blog using the Linky widget (where it says 'click here to enter') at the bottom of this post. Then we can find your post :)

2. Link up directly to your Etsy shop:  

Post a link that goes directly to your new items in Etsy using the Linky widget (where it says 'click here to enter') at the bottom of this post (you can put up as many as you like!).

It'd be lovely if you took a moment to go and check out some stuff that others post below - go shopping!

It seems that there have been some difficulties with the Linky widget. If you have problems, please let me know and I will give you a hand (my email).

I will list each week's stock take on my Etsy Stock Take page. Please go and have a browse... Also each month I will feature a round up of my favourite items.

Let's show our support for each other craftwise! I'm hoping that my goal of listing one item a week will be a powerful motivator and a source of exposure for us all.


Kat :)


  1. Thanks for offering this link up!! I am trying so hard to get the link to work in Wordpress but it just isn't loading correctly :( I did a text link back instead, hope thats ok??

    1. Everything's fine! Thanks so much for linking up, see you next week :)

  2. Today the linkup worked really well!
    Thanks for hosting the linky :)

  3. Your stuff looks great! :)

  4. Hi Kat, looks like the linky is working again for me. Very glad to be able to share with your reader, and thanks again for hosting. Great reading about your so many new projects. Bianca

    1. Welcome back Bianca! The photos you posted today are the best I've seen of your work yet :)

  5. Thank you for hosting!



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