Friday, 25 May 2012

I wanna make that! Crochet Gilet.

Have you ever found yourself surreptitiously eyeing up someone's clothes thinking 'I wanna make that'?! 

I have. I have even taken notes for future reference and designing.

And I've taken photos... ohuh! *laughs guiltily*

I LOVE this waistcoat! I saw this girl in a cafe the last time I was in London. I was there filling an hour while waiting for a connection at Victoria coach station. I had just eaten a very nice piece of lasagne while mentally trying to memorise her vest. Then I realised that I had my camera in my handbag...

Now, how on earth do I go about recreating this pretty thing? I'm thinking about starting with a paper pattern of the actual waistcoat dimensions and then crocheting stars to fill the space on the paper before joining them all the way round the edges. Is that the way to go? What do you think? Advice would be MUCH appreciated!

PS. I love to buy handmade. Do you? If yes, I recommend you go and explore the Etsy Stock Take. It's full of lovely things that some of my blog readers make and sell online. If you are a seller check it out too, you can link up your new beautiful creations :)


  1. i have no idea how to recreate this but i agree, it looks cool! and i love that you took photos of it :))

    1. I'm glad you're not scandalized... haha ;)

  2. Hahaha, I think that all the time when I see people on the street OR when I'm watching a movie. I just was watching a movie on my laptop and actually considered taking a screenshot of a jacket. I'm only a beginning sewer, so most things I can't make YET. But it's sure inspiring.
    I love how you actually took pictures of a stranger! :-)

    1. I was so glad that she didn't notice me taking the pictures... I would've died of embarrassment. Maybe I should've just asked her to pose! ;)


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