Thursday, 13 September 2012

Classic Cars in Hamburg - Mystery Blue.

*Update* Leslie's man told her it's an 1954 Oldsmobile. On further research (googling and looking at images!) it looks like he is right. And there is an interesting controversy surrounding this model. It was supposed to be released in 1955, but was mysteriously brought forward... Mystery blue indeed!

Not sure what this pretty thing is... but it is ADORABLE! The white-rimmed tyres are so cool! I saw it near Osdorf in Hamburg.

While doing some online research to (unsuccessfully) identify this car, I found a fun Flickr group where people have pooled images of classic cars. Worth a butchers*. 

This is part of my photography project: Classic Cars. I now carry my camera wherever I go and I will collect pictures of vintage cars that I see while out and about. They just make me happy.
  1. Mini Cooper in Hamburg
  2. V.W. Beetle  in Hamburg
  3. V.W. Beetle with vintage skis in Hamburg
  4. Mini Cooper in Hamburg
  5. Vintage cars in the UK Winter 2012  
  6. Renault 5 in Hamburg
  7. Classic cars in Sylt in Germany Spring 2012 
  8. Classic American in Hamburg
  9. Fiat 500 in Liguria in Italy Summer 2012
  10. VW Beetle Convertible in Lausanne in Switzerland Summer 2012 
  11. Mini Cooper in the Hafen City in Hamburg

LOVE classic cars!

*London Cockey rhyming slang: Worth a butcher's hook = worth a look ;)

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  1. I also love old cars! My father used to own an old Oldsmobile from the year 1954.

  2. ...and you almost missed it! good thing you had the camera handy!

    1. I used to carry around my camera. Now I've got a smart phone!

  3. That is a great classic car. And your photo collection is as great as the cars you feature. Kudos!

  4. So nostalgic! Seeing that grandma car makes me remember classic films. And your list of vintage cars is worth commending! Have you seen a 50’s Cadillac in your area?

    Ervin Calverley

    1. I haven't got a photo of one. We've moved away from Hamburg now, but I'm still on the lookout!


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