Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spiral Granny Square Blanket Progress.

So I've made all my little granny squares and I am now in the process of crocheting them together into a spiral. They are super cute!

What I've learnt so far:
  • I weaved in the ends for about an inch and then trimmed off the excess. Then they were blocked individually before I started to join them together.  Next time I think I will weave in the ends and not cut off the extra until after blocking the squares as some of them are already working their way loose and I'm a little bit worried about the integrity of one or two once the blanket is in use... oh uh! 
  • I like the joining up method suggested by the queen of colourful granny squares, Lucy at Attic24. It's very rhythmic and the joining up stitches don't show on the front. 
  • I took a picture of the squares laid out on the floor in the right pattern and referred to this when joining them up row by row. This helped with the confusion of working a spiral in straight lines (not easy for the brain I discovered!) 
  • The little squares didn't all turn out the same size after blocking which is a bit strange and creates bumps, but I'm sure once I've blocked the complete blanket things will sit nice and smooth. 

Blocking makes little baby curly squares all grown up and smooth! More on the ins and outs of blocking knitting and crochet here, where I blocked Marmee's waistcoat.

More on this project in Ravelry.

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  1. it's very nice! the blocking really did make a big difference. can't wait to see the next progress update!

    1. Blocking rules! Although I admit that I didn't bother with some of my first yarn projects. There is a place for curliness too I think! :)


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