Friday, 2 November 2012

Hello Winter Clothes Colour Blocking.

Polo neck: La redoute. Scarf: eBay. Leather skirt: F.Kids

So, it's official, I have unpacked my winter wardrobe and my summer lovelies are all snuggled away until the temperatures rise again next year.

I'm quite good at wearing colour through the winter, I can't bear all over black and I find happiness in the pop of colours. What I am not so good at, but would like to explore more is wearing patterns and prints. Here I am trying out a stripy scarf. Stripes seem a good place to start with patterns! Not too loud and rather classic. I am liking them layered up on the turquoise.

How do you wear patterns? Are you as excited as me to have a 'new' wardrobe when the season changes? 

PS. Are you into buying handmade? Yes? Then you should check out the amazing stuff in the Etsy Stock Take. If you sell your craft on Etsy, please come and join in :)

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