Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hamburg Park Graffiti.

Every city has a story to tell. We can read the story in history books, hear it from the residents or see it on the streets. Hamburg is no different. I enjoy looking about me as I walk along and I often notice interesting details.

Graffiti is something that continually interests me. I'm not really into the big tags and scribbly stuff, but there is a type of graffiti that draws me in. Last year I got pulled into a 'secret code' in the centre of the Hamburg. Last week I was walking through my nearest park and I saw this 'craft/art' graffiti!

Leaf stenciled graffiti!
I'm not sure if the Hamburg park authorities will appreciate this graffiti, it will probably be a pain to clean up. But I like it. Especially the colour choice! I'm going to go back and see if they are still there later this week.

Spray painted leaf

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  1. Love this! I would love to some of it everywhere!

  2. yeah, i'm sure it's not legal to spray paint city property, but it's very pretty :)


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