Thursday, 25 October 2012

Classic Cars in Hamburg: BMV Isetta

My favourite classic car of the moment: The BMW Isetta

I saw this going down the road ahead of me not so long ago near Klein Flottbeck and I was thinking 'oh please stop, please stop'. I had never seen anything like it ever before and was eager for a picture!

It is the BMW Isetta. It was mass-produced in the 50's in Germany and made the car accessible to those who had not even imagined they could afford one, let alone a BMW. Based on the designs of an Italian car company, Iso, with a few modifications this car became really popular.

The front opening BMW Isetta (next to a 'small' modern Fiat 500 for scale!).

After mentioning this to a friend, he wanted to see my pictures. It turned out that he had owned this car! He told me that it opened at the front. I couldn't believe it, but when I looked again more closely, I could see how it worked. Wow!

Hurrah to micro bubble cars. It reminds me of when we had a Smart car. But that's another story...

Check out the video for more info on this fabulous little car! I think it's eclipsing my love for the original Fiat 500. Oh uh!

This is part of my photography project: Classic Cars. I now carry my camera wherever I go and I will collect pictures of vintage cars that I see while out and about. They just make me happy.
  1. Mini Cooper in Hamburg
  2. V.W. Beetle in Hamburg
  3. V.W. Beetle with vintage skis in Hamburg
  4. Mini Cooper in Hamburg
  5. Vintage cars in the UK Winter 2012  
  6. Renault 5 in Hamburg
  7. Classic cars in Sylt in Germany Spring 2012 
  8. Classic American in Hamburg
  9. Fiat 500 in Liguria in Italy Summer 2012
  10. VW Beetle Convertible in Lausanne in Switzerland Summer 2012 
  11. Mini Cooper in the Hafen City in Hamburg 
  12. Mystery Blue in Hamburg

LOVE classic cars!

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  1. love your series!! i heard some sad news :(( i hope we'll have a chance to meet up once more before you guys leave! maybe when my crafty, bloggy friend from australia is here...
    hugs xx

  2. I love your car photos! My husband tells me that your mystery car in Hamburg is a 1954 Oldsmobile.

  3. the car is so cute! i somehow think my dad used to have one, you should ask him about it!
    living in america where trucks and suvs rule the roads, i'd say driving something as cute as this isetta could be classified suicide, too bad :(

  4. Haha! This one’s really cute!!! And I really love the color! I always choose a blue car because the color itself is really vibrant, especially turquoise. Seeing cars like this really make my day! :D


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