Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Perlen Poesie Beading Magazine - Who's that girl?

Perlen Poesie Magazine

I'm very excited! This week I received my copy of Perlen Poesie (Poetry of Pearls) magazine. 

Why am I so excited? Because I modeled for this issue - heehee :) You can see me on page 13-16. I must say I never expected to model anything, but this wasn't too bad, as you can see all they needed was my neck - haha!

Perlen Poesie is a great beading magazine for beaders, packed full of what is going on in the world of beads, new techniques, patterns and instructions for your own projects.

The magazine is prepared and published in Hamburg, in German (by my friends). However, this is the first issue that carries an English translation of the text everywhere it is sold outside Germany (I understand it is the biggest beading magazine in Europe, plug plug). You can find out more on their website: www.perlen-poesie.de

Meanwhile I had a super lovely morning. I went down to Mylys as I needed some ivory cotton yarn for a custom order. I had a yummy hot choc in their cafe and a nice chat with Naima. You should pop in if ever in Hamburg, it is the friendliest and cosiest wool shop I have ever been to.

Free street stuff: Bed linen

On the way back to the car I found this pile of bed linen on top of an outside rubbish bin cupboard. Wow! I was happy it was left in plain sight and not just tossed in the trash, it's all clean and nicely folded. I know exactly what I want to do with it - cushions for our rather uncomfortable kitchen chairs. Do you ever pick good stuff up off the streets?

I will make it live again!

Update: What I did with the bed linen.

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