Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Vintage Sewing Machines - Top Tips

I was in the UK last month. One day my mum took me to a precious little shop called Fabric Corner in Bournemouth, Dorset. It was full of vintage sewing machines! I love vintage sewing machines!

The owner, Stanley, is very friendly and helpful and loves having a chat. We spoke about the machines in his shop and I told him about my vintage Bernina. I had some questions (I don't have the user manual) and he had some tips.

Stanley's vintage sewing machine tips:
  • When threading an old Bernina, start with the foot up. Pull the thread down (into the tension shaft) and up into the next bit. Hold your spool so no more thread comes (with your right hand) and give a tug on the cut end of the thread so that it fully engages with the machine. Then let the foot down and finish up.
  • When threading a sewing machine needle, hold a piece of white card/paper behind the eye so you can see it clearly. If you have persistent trouble threading the needle, use some hair spray on the end of the thread and it'll be easier!
  • Always use the same thread in the bobbin and the spool.
  • The best thread, in Stanley's opinion, is G├╝ttermann, a German produced thread.

By the way, I recently discovered the brand new vintage style Singer 160 sewing machine. Isn't it stunning? Beauty and function hand in hand. I like!

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