Thursday, 15 March 2012

Reading in Hamburg (and Pinterest issues).

Look what I found in the Neugraben part of Hamburg last week: a book booth! 

Is that not the most lovely thing ever? I think it's brilliant. I even jumped up and down with childish glee. Let's get reading everyone! Shame the books were in German... 

What I'm reading:

On a slightly related note, I'm reading Our Mutual Friend by Dickens. Very lovely and atmospheric. It's a sister read-a-long, motivated by the unfortunate failure we both experienced trying to read this book in the past! My kindle tells me that I'm 25% through, so happy face :)

What I'm thinking:

On a totally unrelated note, I have deleted my Pinterest account. 

I am very sad about this because I loved pinning and looking at pins. But it has come to my attention that I should really have read the conditions carefully before signing up:
  • When becoming a member you confirm that you own the rights or have express permission from the person who owns the rights, for everything you pin. Yup, even though it's not intended for self-promotion...! 
  • Also there is some talk that I don't completely understand, that says anything that is pinned becomes the property of Pinterest, for them to do as they wish with (i.e. sell) with no liability to the original owner (i.e. royalties). 
  • Oh and that in any legal issues that arise regarding ownership of images etc, the final liability rests with the person that pinned (that's me and maybe you!)
My personal concerns are:
  • I might have contributed to artists losing control over the ownership of their images, items and ideas. 
  • When I feature someone's work (usually Etsy shops) on my blog I always email them and check that I can use their pictures. I never did this when pinning, but if I follow the principle, I should have asked the image owners!
  • Although I like the promotion of my creations over Pinterest, I totally don't want them to think that they can do whatever they want with my images.
 All this is explained much more clearly at The Window Seat. I have just seen that they have updated their post and that there is some kind of communication flowing with the Pinterest guys. That's good. Maybe they can work a way around this.

Maybe I'll be able to pin again sometime soon. Meanwhile I'll have to find a new way of organising the gorgeous things I find online, what do you do?


  1. Well said, KatEzat!! Thanks for spreading the word!

    I'm your newest follower of your really cool blog. You do nice work!!


  2. Hey Rett,

    Thanks for coming by :)

  3. Hello KatEzat,

    The terms and conditions of Pinterest have been updated and is due to go live on April 6th. You can view them on the website. I have not read every single word but the changes appear to address the concerns that drove you to delete your account. I stopped using mine but I did not close it as I was waiting to see what they were going to do in response to the discomfort that led pinners to close their boards. As for an alternative to Pinterest, I'm on the look out too so let us know if you find anything.

    Pearletta :)

    1. Hi Pearletta,

      Thanks for the update. That's very interesting, I'll go and have a look...

      At the moment I'm making do with a page on my blog where I can list links to things I've seen online, look for the tab 'What I'm...' at the top of the page.

      Not quite the same without the pictures though.

      Thanks again for coming by :)


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