Friday, 16 March 2012

Working on SEO - Keywords

Today I've been thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - how to get found in online searches) and how to improve it.

So far, I've been working on getting new items into my shop (Etsy Stock Take!) because new content gets you noticed by Google. Etsy gives its users the opportunity to input tag words to help their items get found in their searches. These need to be good and descriptive. They also get seen by Google and other search engines. How can I think of good tags though? Good question, something I struggle with.

I once got some very good advice from a fellow Etsy seller, Tana Taylor:

"So I looked at a few more of your items and you DO have tags, but they don't appear to be optimized for relevancy. This means if you were selling a blue crochet beret, for example, you might want to use tags of blue beret, blue crochet beret, blue crocheted beret, crocheted beret, blue hat, blue crocheted hat, and so on ... basically, it's things that shoppers might search on."

She also said:

"I've *heard* that some of your tags should have bits and pieces of your title, 2 or 3 adjacent words from your title should be used as a tag (or two or three tags).
One handy way to find potential tags is to start typing the phrase you're considering into the Etsy search box and see what suggestions pop up. I've heard that these are recent and/or popular searches on the Etsy site, so at least in theory, they might be worth considering."

Now, neither of us are experts, so it is important to keep experimenting and checking the stats. I have the feeling that it is an endless work in progress!

Wondering what all those words at the top of the page are? They are the words used most in my Etsy shop, KatEzat! I think that using some of them in my tags will help with SEO.

Want a word cloud for your shop? 

Go to Wordle, click where it says create your own cloud and add your Etsy shop url. Easy! You can choose the colours you want too. A pretty way to help you see which words you use the most (they're the biggest ones).

There is also some good advice from BrightPig on selecting the right key words.

I wonder if you have any SEO tips?

PS: Don't forget to come back on Sunday for the Etsy Stock Take, where all Etsy sellers can promote their items for free here and find out what I've been up to in my Etsy shop...


  1. Thank you for this information!should check all my tags :-)

    1. My pleasure Natalia, let me know if it helps... It's very much a work in progress I think!

  2. SEO, is most likely the function for adjusting or optimizing your web page and even it's subject material to make certain that the major search engines consider the best way for stretch grades that it is pertinent and even employed to several themes.

  3. interesting idea with wordle, i might give that a try!! thanks for an informative post! xx

  4. Aside from choosing the right keywords to use, creating backlinks can also help you promote your site and the items you’re selling. Backlinks are the links that you create on other websites, which should be related to your niche. If your target market visits a website where you’ve created a backlink, there’s a chance that he/she will click on that link and will be directed to your page. However, in creating backlinks, it is imperative that you only come up with quality content that will go with your link. You should also avoid resorting to spamming to create more backlinks, as this is an unethical practice. The website administrators and their visitors will most likely view you negatively because of this tactic.


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