Friday, 1 June 2012

Featured on Pocket Change!

I've been featured on a lifestyle blog, Pocket Change. They've put Life's Jewels up on their weekly Best of the Web feature!

It's very exciting for me to see that others appreciate what I am doing here. Hurrah :)

Just so you know, I have many new craft projects in the pipeline:
-Everyday and party clutch bags
-Trousers into shorts
-Fascinator hats
-Velvet cushions

I've started on some already and I'm researching how to go about the others. I have arranged links to some great online information under the tab 'What I'm...' at the top of the screen. I recommend you go and have a look if you are thinking of tackling some similar projects. 

Meanwhile I'm enjoying shopping for the various bits I need to get cracking!

What are you up to creatively?

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